Volunteering Work Camps

Above is a video that I made for the organisation ‘Volunteer Action for Peace’ or VAP for short. It is an example of one of the work camps that they organise in the UK for international volunteers, but they also send volunteers from the UK overseas to projects all over the world. The work camps are on average 2 weeks long, but can be up to 4 weeks, and involve working on some kind of projects usually within a common theme. There are also longer-term projects available to join.

The kind of projects that you can do include:

  • Sea turtle conservation in India
  • Agricultural work in Japan
  • Working with orphaned children in Uganda
  • Ethno Art Camp in Serbia
  • Carnival preparations in Bolivia

VAP-Thai Fishing Village

Clearly these work camps are not only about helping other people and doing some kind of work, but they are also amazing experiences and opportunities for you to learn new skills and contribute to something within a community with a different culture to your own.


The European Voluntary Service (EVS)


This is the project that I did in Sweden and most of my blog entries here are from that time. The EVS offers the opportunity for young people (between 18 and 30 years old) the opportunity to go over to another EU country and work for an organisation for between 6 and 12 months. You choose which projects interest you, both in themes and country or location, and then you apply to get a position on the project. If you do receive a place then you get to go over there and be part of the project with all expenses paid for, including your living costs and travel. So although you do not earn a wage, you have enough money available for everything that you might need during this time.

The process involves looking through the database of project, which you can find here:

European Voluntary Service Database

After you have done some research into projects that interest you, you need to make sure you have a ‘sending organisation’ before you start applying for places. This is an organisation based in your home country that will support your application process and deal with the paperwork required for you to be placed on an EVS project. The organisation that receives you as a volunteer is called the ‘host organisation’.

Volunteer Action for Peace acted as my sending organisation.


Volunteer Action for Peace

Volunteer Action for Peace - website - logo

VAP is a UK based charity organisation and emerged out of the peace movement that originated in 1923. They are a very small organisation, which is based in London, and they offer International Work Camps, UK based Work Camps and they also support the EVS.

Their underlying vision is about creating worldwide peace, justice and solidarity for all people and communities, with respect to the Earth and its environment.

If you would like some more information or want to sign up for any of the volunteering opportunities available, please visit their website: