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Global Festival: Day Two

Today the main events were the String Orchestra and a dance performance by students from the local school. I was over with the Orchestra as I was playing some easy songs with the children, before the real musicians began! It … Continue reading

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Glasets Hus: The Interviews!

Rickard   Josef Jeanette   We have finally completed the interviews of the glassblowers and glass designer at the Glasets Hus in Limmared. They are not yet on their website, but they should be soon, and in case you want … Continue reading

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Limmared Glasets Hus: Lettlands Veckan

Last week was the ‘Lettlands Veckan’ in the Glasetshus, where they hosted several Latvian glassblowers so that they could collaborate with the glassblowers in Limmared. We went over to film some of what was going on; one morning I filmed … Continue reading

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Limmared Glasets Hus: What is it?

Limmared is the town and Glasets Hus is the Glassblowing house, and we have been working there! We are making various videos for them and their website, both of the ‘Hot-Shop’ itself and of the other events and facilities that … Continue reading

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