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Global Festival: The Final Day

So we came to the end of the Global Festival week yesterday and now I will share with you some of what was going on then. It was the busiest day in which the main venue was full of stands … Continue reading

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Global Festival: The Countdown Begins!

Yes indeed, there is now less than one week left until the Global Festival! We will be having theatre, dance, live music, art, graffiti and more in the little town of Tranemo over 5 days, so come and check it … Continue reading

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Konstrundan: Local Artists Display Work

One weekend in April we had the ‘Konstrundan’ event where many artists within the local area displayed their work or opened their studios to visitors. Each location was advertised in the same brochure so that people could take their car … Continue reading

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Exploring Uddebo: What do we have here..?

The other day I went for a wander around Uddebo with my camera. I would like to show you some buildings we have here and also introduce some of the locations where things happen. 1. The Old Hotel Not a … Continue reading

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My Top 3 Talks from Campus Party 2013

Talk: Is it Possible to Photograph the Universe in a Nutshell? by Fabian Oefner Swiss photographer Fabian Oefner creates amazing photographs by trying to answer scientific questions such as: ‘What does sound look like?’ and by using different scientific properties … Continue reading

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