E-Learning: The Virtual School

Molar Eclipse of the Heart

Format:     DV PAL 16:9
Duration:  2 minute 49 secs


This was one of the ‘engagement’ videos we made as part of the Leonardo Da Vinci internship programme in Sevilla in Media Communications. It’s aim was to promote The Fuse School (formerly: The Virtual School) and it managed to get 10 000 views on Youtube in the first 2 weeks! But after Mole Day (23rd October) had past the interest was lost.

Introduction to Cells

Format:     DV PAL 16:9
Duration:  3 minute 15 secs

This video was part of the E-learning videos in the Biology section. The Fuse School has started with science videos, but plan to expand into the humanities next and other subjects after that. They are following the current GCSE curricculum in schools.

Bob Marley Buffalo Soldier Parody – Join The Virtual School!

Format:     DV PAL 16:9
Duration:  2 minute 30 secs


Another parody engagement video. The original idea came from the very original mind of Camille Sainsbury and then the three of us developed it from there! We all did work on the images and then I brought it all together and animated it. Yes, it is very bizarre!

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