Knös – Tranemo, Sweden; May 2014

knos1-Come into the world of knös, a boy that came out of an egg in a traditional fairytale from Sweden. This exhibition was my first solo exhibition in Sweden for a week in May 2014. It was a mixed media installation that invited the audience to use their imagination and begin asking questions again.I also illustrated the entire story and made a book, which you find above and preview order through blurb.

Click here to read more, see images of the exhibition and a video of the installation.

Hidden and Forbidden Identites -Venice, Italy; February 2012

This was an exhibition arranged by Luca Circi, part of ‘international arts expo’, and was made by an open call for art along a certain theme. I made the video ‘The Weaker Half’ for this exhibition and only after I submitted my entry and had accepted did they ask for money, which they claimed was for publicity and getting important art critics to visit, but clearly was not in the end. I travelled down from Austria for the opening event, which turned out to only include the photography part of the exhibition! I was not very happy…

University of Chichester, Fine Art Degree Show – Chichester, England; May 2011

logoblueThis was the final work for my Bachelor’s degree and was a conceptual project with a fake company I created called ‘Fed-by-Force’. It was a satirical project designed to appear as a sponsor of the degree show, which was then revealing the ridiculous nature of advertising and the self-help industry. The centre of the project was the website, which is currently still available online, but not for much longer. You can find it at: www.fedbyforce.co.uk

Barfubu – Valence, France; March, 2010

Whilst doing an Erasmus exchange in Valence, France, I displayed my video ‘A Day Dreaming of Masked Identity’ in the self-made bar of my flatmate in the basement of our building. We opened it to all students and teachers of the art school as well as other friends and we projected art films on the curved wall/ceiling of the basement.