Art Video: Everything and Nothing

Format:     DV PAL 16:9
Duration: 1 minute 10 secs



‘Everything and Nothing’ is a journey through Barcelona both in front of and behind
the eyes of the main character. We see how she is made of flowing and changing textures
from different sources of water around the city and how she blends with the other
textures that she encounters.


Detailed Description

At the  beginning  our  protagonist  is watching the beautiful Barcelona sky filled with towers at the  site  of  the  Olympic  games  in  1992  on Montjuic hill. She then  begins to  absorb  the background layer behind her before beginning her journey.

We then shift back to the perpective of our character and watch her walk, barefooted,
along a mosaic-like ground texture. This is a mosaic along La Rambla in the city centre
that was created by Joan Miró. Her travels through the centre suddenly merges with
another location further out and as she looks up she finds herself looking at the
fascinating structures of Parc Guell.

As the character merges with the earth and rock of the structure she notices a light in her
hands; it seems to be glowing in her palms and looks like it is showing the city far  below
her. It then grows and expands out from the hands entirely, taking over the world in front
of her.

From there she is now standing above the city, in  front  of  the  sunset,  and  she  opens  her arms to accept all that the city has offered her. We  see  that  as  she  concentrates  all  of the textures that she has had contact with now flow through her.

In the end the combination of all that she has experienced flows away, including the
city around her, leaving her as only an outline until she too fades away. From everything
comes nothing.