Documentary: Swedish Youth and Alcohol

Format:     DV PAL 16:9
Duration:  15 minutes 20 seconds


Here is a video that I made about Swedish Youth and Alcohol. It was a project for the local kommun (council) in Tranemo, Sweden; it will be taken to an EU conference in May, where they will be talking about a new initiative to reduce underage drinking. The conference will be in Denmark and includes 5 countries from the EU: Sweden, Denmark, England, Romania and Spain.

health-kommun1The video includes interviews with parents and teenagers. The parents have been filmed, but the young people have been kept anonymous through the use of animation and actors doing the voices. The original quotes came from the students that were interviewed for the project and were all between 15 and 16 years old.

It was an interesting project to be part health-kommun4of because I learned a lot about the Swedish drinking culture and also attitudes in general. It was also a useful exercise in planning and co-ordinating the final video as the brief was very open.