Art Video: The Weaker Half

Duration: 1 minute 48 seconds


This project was originally an entry for an art exhibition titled: ‘Hidden and Forbidden Identities’ in Venice, Italy, and so this theme was my starting point for the project. In the end I created something that looked at the female vs. male in terms of aspects of ourselves. The final sequence represents a unity of these two sides that we have within all of us, despite what our consumer society might try to teach us, and is intended to suggest the union as a way to become truly who we are; we must accept all aspects of ourselves in order to become whole.

weaker4However, I finally felt dissatisfied with my project and left it in the past. For some reason I have just revisited it and added new elements, as well as removing some. Now the textures merge together and the shapes flow in and out; there is hardly any distinction between person and place, for we are all part of the bigger existence.