health-kommun1Documentary: Swedish Youth and Alcohol

A 15 minute documentary style video for the Tranemo Kommun in Sweden about the issues of underage drinking and attitudes in Sweden and the EU.


Everything and Nothing Still 2Art Video: Everything and Nothing

A project I did while living in Barcelona. Join the character who explores the city and eventually becomes a part of it all.


moleE-Learning: The Virtual School

Now ‘The Fuse School’ this is an E-Learning platform that I did some animation for as part of an internship. Here you can see three videos that I was involved in.


life_cycles_5Music Video: Life Cycles

For a competition on I made this animated video for a track by Olafur Arnalds, an electronic musician from Iceland. It’s an interesting track and (I hope) video.


Art Video: weaker3The Weaker Half

A re-worked version of an old project, this film explores female/male aspects of ourselves. The images flow and transform into one another like running water.


masked-identity1Art Video: A Day-Dreaming of Masked Identity

Take a trip into the mind of a ‘faceless’ person and see the world turned around and thrown back at you from a different view; come into my day-dream why don’t you…