Design and Banter #16 at Skype Headquarters

Now that I am in the media world I am finding myself ending up at unexpected locations, such as Skype Headquarters in London!IMG_20150210_210412

It is in a beautiful building near Holborn, with gothic arches on the outside and modern glass work within, that houses the likes of Microsoft and English Heritage.

When we arrived we could hardly believe we were in the right place – it was clearly too fancy for us small scale designers from Shoreditch!


But there we were in their offices being given name tags and free beer before sitting down to listen to some talks. The talks were more on the business side of design, such as the testing process of a new feature in an application, so it wasn’t really my area, but it was interesting nonetheless.



My favourite quote of the night was very unexpected, but definitely the most entertaining point of the evening:

“I kind of see this harmonious future where we all sit on ponies and hug each other and cry.”

This guy was talking about designers pretty much being the future, as they have an understanding of how to make things work. So apparently the goal is riding ponies, hugging and crying… well it could be worse!


And what did we get to take home with us at the end of the night? A sticker book of emoticons of course! What more could you want?




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