Merry Christmas from London and Kew Gardens


Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it! I make my return to blogging whilst back in the UK and feeling a little strange being back in my usual tradition of Christmas-ness. It’s just too familiar to ignore all the fakery and get caught up in the magic that is promoted so much on TV and in the advertising industry.

One day I will escape at least the commercial aspects of this celebration and probably be somewhere on the other side of the world where it doesn’t exist. But for now I will try and appreciate the good stuff, such as pretty Christmas lights at Kew Gardens!

You can only enter Christmas at Kew Gardens at a specific time in the evening when it is dark depending on your ticket. This means that it is not overcrowded and it is definitely dark so that you can fully appreciate the pretty lights and strangely eerie Christmas songs that they have chosen to compliment the visuals.

There were all kinds of bizarre sights, from glowing presents in trees to giant mistletoe and trees with light-bulbs. They also had a jester telling riddles to the children in front of a giant tree-man with glowing eyes and flavoured marshmallows that you could melt over a small fire.

On a slow walk it took about an hour to wander around the prescribed route and at the very end (also the beginning) you come across some little Christmas markets with mulled wine and home-made stew. The vegetarian stew was actually amazing!

In the end, although this maybe does not best reflect the experience of Christmas at Kew, this has to be my favourite photo from the evening:


If you are interested in going to Kew for this event it runs until the 3rd January so book soon!

Visit their website for more details:  Christmas at Kew Gardens

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