Global Festival: The Final Day


So we came to the end of the Global Festival week yesterday and now I will share with you some of what was going on then. It was the busiest day in which the main venue was full of stands and information about different things, such as the importance of voting for the EU ballot in a couple of weeks, the ‘Power to Resist’ project that I made the video about youth and alcohol for and information about the collaboration between Nordic countries. We also had the ‘Bokbuss’ (book bus) outside, which was like a portable library, a clothes market and even a stand selling freshly made donuts! Those kind of donuts make me happy :)


Aside from the stands there were some performances: little children dancing self-choreographed routines, a karate group and the Tranemo concert band, as well as a piece of theatre about the EU that was so ridiculous I could only stand so much, but their songs were hilarious because they were so bad! There was also the graffiti workshop for children and then the graffiti artist and designer running the workshop went out into the street to do their own work in front of the gallery, which was also open for viewing. Finally, the exhibitions in the main venue were of course open. All in all a busy day.


At the end of the day there was a party at the location ‘Parkudden’ which has a stage, on which the band ‘Crimson’ were playing and an outdoor space to watch and drink from. However it did end up raining a little and as there was another music night in my own little village of Uddebo, I favoured that over the Global Festival party. More on that later.


All in all it was a pretty tiring week as I was still going to my Swedish classes as well as photographing the events, but I think it was successful. I have to thank Juan Ochoa for doing most of the work for the festival because although we helped with some stuff, the majority was done by this one man. Well done Juan for getting through the week!

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