Global Festival: Day Three

There were two events today: the Träffpunkt at the Glasets Hus, Limmared, and a live music evening in Sveaborg, Tranemo.



The Träffpunkt occurs every week as a meeting place for people to come and practise languages and mix with local people, often from different backgrounds and countries, but for Global Festival a Columbian family decided to share some of their culture with clothing and food. They made empanadas with rice and chicken in them so although I hear they tasted very good, I could not try them. Sometimes being vegetarian is annoying – I was very hungry!

Musikal Äventyr (Musical Adventure)

So this was originally conceived as a kind of open mic night, but then some bands were interested in playing, so they did! They are all managed by the same guy, so I guess they are connected… But right now I have forgotten to find out more about the bands, including their names, so they are going to be mysterious for now and I will provide more information later.

Mysterious Band No. 1

band-1 band-2

Music: Rock/Alternative, own songs and covers

Mysterious Band No. 2

band-3 band-4

Musik: Energetic non-descript metal

Mysterious Band No. 3

band-5  band-6

Music: Normally Folk-Metal, but here was an acoustic folk set



Headlining the event – in leapord print – were a band I have seen play a couple of times before and whose afterparty I crashed last time! They are cool guys with a dancy indie sound and a really strong stage presence. They are establishing themselves more, having recently won a music contest, and plan to play a lot of gigs over the summer; a couple of them are studying at university elsewhere making it a bit difficult during term-time.


More on the mysterious bands later…. (when they become less mysterious)
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