Global Festival: Day One


The Global Festival began in front of the Tranemo Kommun building with a music group called ‘Alla kan’ (Everyone can) who had links with LSS, the national organisation for people with disabilities. The young people who were singing were supported by accompanying musicians from the Kulturskola and the people who work with their group sang along with them. They played a mixture of songs, both Swedish and otherwise (yes, there was ABBA) and then they handed over to some representatives of the kommun to properly introduce the events of the week.


They then did the old-fashioned cutting of a ribbon with some scissors, which I personally think should have been a lot bigger, and the week had begun.


After this a small group of musicians with drums and trumpets marched along to the library as a procession that people could follow to the library where the next event would be: BABAR, a performance.


This was a reading of the first Babar book, written in 1938 by Jean de Brunhoff, and accompanied my piano music by Lars Hagglund from the Kulturskola. The book was of course in Swedish, as the Babar stories have been translated into many languages from the original French. It was an interesting idea: how to tell a story through music. They did this by reading a part of the story and then having piano to represent the mood of what had happened or was happening at the time.


A sad moment: Babar’s mother had just been killed!

 And so the week begins; onwards with music, dance, talks and art!

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