Global Festival: Day Four

Day four of the Global Festival was the best day so far! It started with the ‘kortfilmfestival’ (short film festival) with work by local children and then went on to the live music…


Yes, it does say ‘slut’ in big writing on screen in a small child’s handwriting, but no, it doesn’t mean what you think it means! In Swedish ‘slut’ (pronounced ‘sloot’) means ‘end’. The Kortfilmfestival began with these short animations by students from the Kulturskola under the direction of Björn, the art teacher. They were done as motion graphic animations in Adobe After Effects by Müge Ayal, another volunteer here. So the children drew all of the images and wrote the stories and the movement was done on a computer. They were very cute little stories and every one ended up with the characters becoming ‘bästa vänner’ (best friends). The animations were accompanied by an orchestra.

After that they screened some short films by students from the normal school, which had been mostly improvised but were surprisingly entertaining.

African Music Group


Unfortunately I cannot give these guys a name, and I am not even sure they have all played together before. The group was comprised of: Fabian from the Skolhuset here in Uddebo, along with Beno, a German drummer who is living in the house right now as well, and several other French speaking musicians, two of African origin.

Watch a clip here:


It was an amazing performance of djembe drumming, African dancing and other instruments, which altogether had a great energy and great rhythms. I was so happy to see them play!

Sebbe and Juan


Juan (left) and Sebbe (right)

Next up were two very talented guitarists, one aged 14 and one not-so-young. Sebbe is clearly going to go somewhere as a musician so Juan kept reminding the audience of his name so we can say ‘we saw him first’. Juan is our co-ordinator for the EVS and has had a long history of being a musician, among many other things, so he didn’t feel the need to boast about his own ability! Oh and at one point Sebbe also played the harmonica.

Watch a clip here:


Curly Camel


Amazing, astounding, attention-holding and atmosphere creating as always, Curly Camel played another powerful gig for the audience of Tranemo area. All three members come from Tranemo and are only in their early twenties, but have already created a sound and an emotional energy that rivals many famous bands. The most impressive thing that I have seen them do is capture the entire audience in the music; even when they use strange sound effects or suddenly have a really heavy breakdown the most old-fashioned listener appreciates it. This is because of the pure power and emotion in their compositions that all people can relate to in some way. Their style is a kind of contemporary jazz with electronic influences and the instruments are: keyboards, double bass and drums. If you get the chance you must see them perform!

Watch a clip here:


Check out their website:

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