Global Festival: Day Five

(Apologies for the bad photographs – I did not have my good camera this day!)

Day five of the Global festival featured more live music, from both Kulturskola students and music by a Swedish singer called ‘Lova’ and also featuring Marc Rossier accompanying her for his first appearance in Sweden.

Two Sisters


The evening began with a short set by a group ‘Two Sisters’ which features, surprisingly enough, two sisters. Their partners played the accompaniment whilst they sang, danced a little and played percussion. The music had a folky-feel but also had that haunting quality where it seems more true on an earth-level, like they have some understanding of what is greater than us. I very much enjoyed their music, but unfortunately I cannot find any trace of it online.

Vi Gjorde det Själv (We did it Ourselves)

pianoboyFrom the name of this event I was expecting younger children, as they were promoting the ability to write or compose your own music in such a patronizing way! However, the music performed was all from older teenagers and it was a nice show. They had both singers who had written songs and worked out an accompaniment with the teachers from the Kulturskola (which I am also in the process of doing) and instrumental pieces. A special highlight was one teenage boy who wrote two songs: one for piano and one for 3 trumpets. The piano piece was maybe 8 minutes long and a really beautiful piece of music and the trumpet piece was shorter, but was entitled ‘Elefant Ljuden’ (The Elephant Sound) as it resembled in some way the sound of an elephant!

Lova and Marc Rossier

So unfortunately I didn’t make it to the last performance of the night, but I am now listening to the music of Lova and Marc Rossier, which again has a folky vibe including some American folk influence. It seems that Lova has been working with Marc Rossier for a few years and they have done a lot of work together. Don’t mix them up with the Spanish singer Lova from Madrid, who I just discovered on soundcloud, although I also recommend checking her music out! It’s a bit more electronic than the other two, which suits me fine.

Check them out on Marc Rossier’s website: Lova and Marc Rossier

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