Fagerås: The Place of a Million Daffodils


That’s right: 1 million daffodils! Also, not just one kind, but many different varieties of daffodils, I never knew they were so diverse!

Every year, for a period of about 10 days, the flowers come into bloom and many people from the surrounding area drive over to see them blossom under the sun. I went there the other weekend where about 60% of the flowers were blooming and Fagerås was the hottest location of the whole region of the country! So under a blue sky and a hot sun we wondered through the fields of flowers and I took photographs. The we went over to the house where they had coffee and waffles for a good price and we sat out in the sunshine.


I was surprised at how happy it made me to amidst so many flowers, but it really was a great feeling; I have always loved daffodils!

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