Tre Trappor Upp: Jonas Knutsson and Tom Kennedy Quartet


Click above to listen to the first track off Tom Kennedy’s new album – recorded live by me and my camera

On Sunday 30th March the music club in Tranemo held a free concert of internationally recognised jazz musicians. They were the Jonas Knutsson and Tom Kennedy Quartet, who played saxophone and double bass respectively. The other two members of the quartet were Charles Blenzig on keyboards and Tuomas Ojala on drums.

As usual, the Sunday afternoon gigs at Tre Trappor Upp had primarily an older audience, but there were a few younger people there too. The club has live music every few weeks, some nights are for members only and some events are open to everyone. Bands who have recently played there, who I have seen, include: DeLarge, Thymeshift and a blues-metal band from Stockholm whose name I just cannot remember! In any case, there is a nice variety of music available here.


So onto the gig… I cannot say much on jazz, as I no absolutely nothing about it, but I would say that it was a very interesting and technically skilled performance. They played a mixture of songs composed by different people, both of their own music and of others; the one Tom Kennedy said everyone would know was called ‘Brazil’ and even I could recognise it! Looking it up it seems it’s a real classic dating all the way back to 1941.

So what comes next? Well the guys are doing a Sweden tour at the moment and then heading further afield. Anyone local who has missed the concert in Tranemo can head over to Borås on Friday 4th April to Annelundsvillan, for the concert starting at 20:00.

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