The Story of the Easter Bunny

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A swedish tale translated by me into English.

A long time ago there lived a boy in Greece who was called Orion. His father was Neptunus, the god of the sea, and his mother was Euryale and she was a nymph. You should know that nymphs are incredibly sweet.

Orion grew up and became a large, strong and beautiful boy. But simply because he was so large, strong and beautiful he also became arrogant and that is, of course, not very good. People should not be arrogant, should they?

But Orion was arrogant and he went around and boasted that he was the world’s best hunter. He said that he could hunt all of the world’s animals. And when his friends didn’t believe him he said that he would show them. He would hunt and kill all of the animals over the whole world. The others all thought that Orion was not very nice and actually quite stupid to have said that.

But Orion set off to hunt all the animals of the world. With him he had two dogs who were called Big Dog and Little Dog. One day he came across a birds nest which a little bird had built. There the little bird had also laid her eggs. The stupid Orion trampled it to pieces, as well as all of the eggs, and said that now he would also kill the little bird.

“Help, help!” cried the little bird. Spring’s goddess, whose name is Ostara, heard the little bird’s cry for help and jumped in to save her. “Now I will change you into a hare so that you can run away from the nasty Orion.” So Ostara changed the little bird into a hare. The hare set off at full speed so that Orion would not be able to catch up, and the bird that was now a hare thanked the good goddess Ostara.

Now Orion became very angry and decided to hunt an ox instead. The ox was owned by Plejaderna. Plejaderna was one seven siblings who had a huge father called Atlas. But when Orion came rushing to hunt the ox, the hare jumped in – the one who was really a bird – and teased Orion’s dogs who were called – yes, can you remember what Orion’s dogs were called? Exactly that! Big and Little Dog is what they were called.

When the hare teased Orion’s dogs, they ran back and forth in front of Orion so that he stumbled, and so the ox could run away and free himself from the stupid Orion. In this way the hare also saved another animal, exactly as Ostara had saved her.

But one day the hare asked her friend the goddess Ostara: “Now that I am a hare I cannot lay any eggs. That is very sad for me. I thought it was so great that I could lay eggs.”

“I will arrange it so that you can lay eggs, even though you are a hare. Once a year – when it is Easter – you will lay a very remarkable egg. It will be the most amazing egg that you could find and it shall be called an Easter-egg. Inside them you will find different sweets, such as chocolate and caramels. And these eggs you will give to all nice children in the world.”

So the hare became very happy and this day she laid many Easter-eggs for Easter. And if you have been good maybe you will also get one of her Easter-eggs.

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