Konstrundan: Local Artists Display Work


Local artist Erik Hårdstedt (right) and a visitor to the exhibition (left)

One weekend in April we had the ‘Konstrundan’ event where many artists within the local area displayed their work or opened their studios to visitors. Each location was advertised in the same brochure so that people could take their car and spend a few hours on the Saturday or Sunday travelling around and seeing local art.

Here in Uddebo we had work being shown in the Skolhuset, with 2 exhibitions: the work of Erik Hårdstedt; works by Agneta Sofiadotter and Christel Khan.

In the main room of the Skolhuset, you could find the works by Agneta Sofiadotter and Christel Khan. Agneta’s works are acrylic and pen on plexi-glass, with a second layer of glass in front of the painted one. These works are very dreamlike and focus mostly on bodies; both people and animals. Christel works with ceramics and creates sculptures of strange people and creatures, which fits nicely with the other work on display, whilst providing an alternative medium with which to fill up the space. She also works with various other media.


Erik Hårdstedt was set up in another room, with his many watercolour painting for browsing and buying. He spends several months every year in India where he paints his work. There is quite a variety in what he does, including collage-paintings, surreal landscapes, building structures and pop-art. Although I am not too fond of watercolour as a medium, he takes it in many different directions and manages to make it interesting.


Visit their websites for more information:

Agneta Sofiadotter                                             www.agnetasofiadotter.com
Christel Khan                                                                  www.khan.se
Erik Hårdstedt                                                        www.erikhardstedt.se
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