Exploring Uddebo: What do we have here..?

The other day I went for a wander around Uddebo with my camera. I would like to show you some buildings we have here and also introduce some of the locations where things happen.

1. The Old Hotel


Not a venue for anything anymore, this is purely a residential household, but I think it is an interesting building and I also like the strange van in front – it makes me think of a steam train because of the chimney!

2. Abandoned House



Another interesting building because it is in semi-ruin. I guess somebody owns it and maybe one day it will be renovated, but it gives some intrigue to the area. Scroll through the images to see more of the building and also an old boat that’s sitting outside.

3. The Old Supermarket


Here is what used to be a supermarket at some point far in the past; now there are no shops or commercial places left in Uddebo. This building is owned by one of the inhabitants here who uses the location as a venue for music events. Upstairs is the ‘summer venue’ and downstairs, in the old walk in freezer room, is the ‘winter venue’. A month or so ago they had a band night in the winter venue with 3 rock/metal bands from Gothenburg. It was cool!

4. Gula Huset

gula huset

This is a very active building in the community. It is owned by a group of locals who paid some very small fee to the council to buy it as they have an agreement whereby they will renovate it themselves. This is a long-term project and at the moment they are focusing on creating a cafe in a room downstairs. The longer term plan is to turn the upstairs into artist studios. I have been helping a little on their ‘bygg-helgen’ (building weekends).

5. Konst och Trummelurhuset (Skolhuset)


It may not be pretty on the outside, but it is on the inside! An interesting place, this used to be a school (which is why people sometimes call it ‘skolhuset’) but now it is the ‘Art and Drumming House’. Here you will find Fabian who is a very well known djembe drummer, along with his wife and baby, who owns the place. He often takes WWOOF-ers (www.wwoof.net) to volunteer there for a while and help with their building project in another old house in the village. You also find artists who work here and you can take a djembe-drumming course and other classes occasionally, such as yoga.

6. My Home


Yes I live in a tree house! No, actually I don’t, but I kinda wish I did. I live in the upstairs part of the yellow building behind it. The tree house and bird house are in the garden of the house in front of us, which is owned by a wood-workman and artist, who made them of course.

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