Sitges: Carnaval 2014


Carnaval is held every year in an around Barcelona, just as it is in Brazil. In the city of Barcelona they have many parades in each district of the city, but no one main parade, so many people go to the celebrations in the nearby town of Sitges, which has become famous for its party atmosphere. This year I was at the second of the two main parades on Shrove Tuesday and saw all of the crazy costumes and dances in the parade itself, as well as in the audience; everybody dresses up for carnaval!

One of the most politically interesting floats was a reference to Scotland, because Catalunya is backing Scotland’s hope to become independent as they share this desire. They not only had people dressed up in tartan and bagpipe music, but also a giant model of the Loch Ness Monster!

Otherwise there were some very extreme floats and costumes as well as the more conventional style ones, like you find in South America for Carnaval.

See the video to get a clearer idea of what it was like:


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