Barcelona: 5 Kinds of People You Find in the Street

This is a collection of photographs of people that I took in Barcelona on my recent visit. Of course, there are many, many more kinds of people around the city, but this is what I have for now…

1. The Musicians


Wherever you walk in Barcelona you are likely to hear music from somewhere. There are all different kinds of musicians around, some playing for fun and some for money. It’s even more so if you take the metro, where many musicians cart along a portable sound system to accompany their playing of an instrument and then they go around asking for money. In any case, music is a big part of this city.

2. The Collectors


I have called them ‘collectors’ as I don’t know if people have a term for them. But anyway, these are the men (I have never seen a woman) who go around the streets with trolleys and collect stuff from the bins. I don’t know what they do with their findings after that, but i guess they sell or trade stuff. If you go to Barcelona for more than a day you will definitely see some of these people around!

3. The Runners


Along with other sports, such as skating, running is one of the most popular sports in Barcelona. Here you can see a group taking a brief rest in Cuitadella park. Along with fun runs and running groups in Barcelona there are many competitive runs, including the Marathon race in mid-March.

4. The Homeless


Unfortunately, as in most places, there are also homeless people in Barcelona. This woman here lives on this particular bench and I was almost surprised to still see her living there; she has been there at least since I moved there January 2013, but probably much longer than that.

5. The Tourists


There is no way that I could complete this list without the tourists – the life-breath of this city! Although it can stress out the locals to have so many tourists around, they also appreciate the amount of revenue it brings in. Every year about 7 million people go to Barcelona and I heard somewhere that at any one time one third of the population in the city is made up of tourists.

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