A Visit to the Past in Växjö

This is not a post about a visit to some historic site; in fact it is a post about discovering the past in the home of a fellow volunteer, and friend, over in Växjö. I had visited previously and saw the town, which is quite nice, and also the Teleborg castle near the university, which is an especially nice fake-medieval castle! But this time I was hanging out with him and other volunteers in their shared house that has been converted into several flats.

jonas reading

It is owned by a Swedish woman who lives in part of the house on the ground floor, but in the basement apartment, where the volunteers live, she has stored a lot of things and we went exploring! In one of the cupboards were a lot of old photographs, a few old newspapers and also a couple of books (one dating from 1881). The newspapers that had been kept were obviously because of specific events; the assassination of former US President John F. Kennedy, the end of World War II, the death of one of Sweden’s Kings and another one, which we couldn’t work out the significance of but it was from 1923. From this newspaper I found a very interesting advert:

microfon makeup

‘Apply Make-up with a Microphone!’

How have we forgotten such an important aspect of beauty?! The basic concept of this advert is that a woman should train her voice to make it more beautiful: ‘Remember that a woman’s charm lies in her voice just as much as her appearance.’ What a bizarre way to advertise a radio system!

 There is also a cupboard full of Sami clothing; the Sami people are the indigenous people from the north of Scandinavia, including Sweden’s Lappland. So this was an interesting array of items; some old clog-like shoes, big skirts and jackets with very large sleeves that start at the body from near the waist, so it is almost like having wings! Aside from the clothes we found a deer head and an animal skull with horns.

animal parts

The deer head made its way onto the wall. It really was disturbing, but there is something oddly fascinating about it at the same time.

So that is the story! Now I will leave you with a picture and a question, which was part of the display at the Glass Museum in Växjö:

Im perfectly sobre...‘I’m perfectly SOBER. How about YOU?’

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