Knös: A Swedish Fairytale

‘Once upon a time there was a poor widow, who found an egg under a pile of brush as she was gathering kindlings in the forest. She took it and placed it under a goose, and when the goose had hatched it, a little boy slipped out of the shell.’


Knös is the name of this little boy and the main character in this Swedish Fairytale. I found it (in English) because it was printed in a book of Swedish Fairytales, which had been translated into English by Frederick H. Martens  in 1921. The book was printed in New York by Frederick A. Stokes Company Publishers.

So what am I doing with the story? A lot more than just reading it! I am illustrating the entire tale (which is taking far too much time!) and then I will compile it into a book, which I will have printed. I am not sure whether I will do more with the book, but the story is completely copyright free, so I could potentially publicise it and try to make some sales.

In addition to that, I am working on a short animation – in 3 parts – that looks at the main elements of the story, without following all of the details and turns that the original takes.

In addition to that, I am also planning to make at least one, fairly large, sculpture of our boy in an egg. And then at the end of it all I will pull everything together for an exhibition in May, when we will be having our local arts festival Globalfest here in Tranemo.

Our friend Knös is getting a lot of attention!


Read the full fairytale here:

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