Gothenburg International Film Festival 2014

The Gothenburg International Film Festival (GIFF) is on from January 24th to February the 3rd, over which period they are showing 500 different films from 80 countries. There are also various seminars and events going on. I spent the first weekend there seeing some of what was happening, but there are still plenty of tickets available if you fancy seeing some interesting films.

To find out more information visit the website by clicking on the image below!


This was the first film festival I had ever been to and there were a few things I noticed:

1. It’s nice, for a change, to have people introduce the film at the beginning and for the audience to applaud both the introducer and the film. It is a different experience from the usual hurried shoving of people into the cinema to watch the latest Hollywood flick, which they finally get to see after 20 minutes of trailers and adverts.

2. The crowds for each film were very different; whether it was more male or female dominated and also the general atmosphere of the group, which is dependent upon the genre of the film and the personalities of the people who like that kind of film.

3. I cannot spend all day watching films. It was too draining to see more than 3 films in one day!

So in the next posts I will now present for you my reviews of the 3 films I saw that made the biggest impression on me…

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