Freak Out: Review

A Nordic Documentary from Director Carl Javér.

freak ouit

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This is a documentary about the first hippie-style community that a group of bourgeois-raised radicals set up in the countryside in Switzerland in the year 1900. It has been nominated at Gothenburg International Film Festival for the Dragon Award Best Nordic Documentary and is a very thought provoking and aesthetically interesting work.

The story is told as if the consciousness of Ida Hofman, one of the pioneers, is still around. She makes the comparison between the world now and the world she grew up in and goes on to tell her tale. This means that the viewer is taken on the journey by one of the founders of this movement and that they view everything as if from her perspective: from the inside.

Along with the narrated story that involves visualisations of the group, the creators add in genuine footage from the time and also show interviews with professors, and others, who know this story in detail. In this way the audience never get pulled into the story as if it were pure fiction; they are constantly reminded of the real society at the time and also of the historical perspective as we see it now.

Overall, it is an engaging and fascinating look at those people who could see the flaws in our consumer society 100 years ago and tried to create a new social order. However, it also leaves us with a clear message about the similarity between then and now; maybe today is the day to try again.

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