Limmared Glasets Hus: What is it?

Limmared is the town and Glasets Hus is the Glassblowing house, and we have been working there! We are making various videos for them and their website, both of the ‘Hot-Shop’ itself and of the other events and facilities that they have.


This is the Glasets Hus! Click on image to visit website:

As well as having the Hot-Shop where they make glass-models and art pieces to sell to tourists, the Glasets Hus has a museum showing a collection of old glass pieces and related items, an exhibition space, conference rooms, a big open reception room and an actual glasshouse (think greenhouse) where you can eat good food from their kitchen. So many things under one roof!

The Limmared Glasets Hus has a long history, dating back to 1740, but most recently it had been producing the bottles for Absolut Vodka. However, it is no longer churning out bottles; this production has moved over to another, more modern, site which leaves the Glasets Hus to focus on more creative glassworks.

The Glasetshus has only been up and running in the current form for a year or so, therefore they are looking to raise their profile and publicise the spaces they have to offer. This is where we come in; we are making videos introducing each of the glass-blowers and designers, a video about the Hot-Shop and a general introduction video to the whole place.

Wait to see what we make and then you can learn about glass-blowing!


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