Sweden: Mushroom Picking

Last Friday we went mushroom picking in the forest near Tranemo town. This year there has been very little rain all summer and therefore the ground does not have enough moisture for a lot of mushrooms to grow. However, this did not stop us finding a lot of interesting looking mushrooms, as well as just about enough edible ones for a soup.

According to SwedishFreak.com the Vikings did not used to eat mushrooms as part of their normal diet, but they did lace their mead with the Red Fly Agaric (or Röd flugsvamp) in order to hallucinate as they got drunk. Here is one we found growing happily in the forest.


Röd flugsvamp – Viking Psychedelic Mushroom

About 200 years ago the Swedes started to eat the normal edible mushrooms and now it is common to know the different kinds. Below are a few more kinds of mushrooms that we found. (Yes the strange yellow thing on the left is a mushroom.)

 Here you can see us frying up our freshly picked mushrooms in the kitchen back in town. These are Trattkantarell in Swedish (‘funnel’ chantarelle) known as the Winter Mushroom in English because they do not start to grow until September. They can be identified by the funnel inside the stalk, as well as by the shape of the mushroom and gills underneath.

Frying Freshly Picked Mushrooms

And what else? Oh yeah, I found a mushroom the size of my face!

Huuuge Mushroom!

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