Stockholm: A City of Islands


It is hard to know what to say about Stockholm after a single weekend; it seems that it is one of those cities where the true heart is under the surface. On the surface what you see is a picturesque city built on interconnected islands, which all seem to have their own elements of the city. For example, Gamla Stan is the old town with the narrow cobblestone streets and colourful buildings, in addition to the Royal Palace. Other islands, such as Djurgården, seems to have mostly museums and then Södermalm to the south of Gamla Stan is a major nightlife area, whereas Norrmalm, by the central station, is good for shopping.

The surface is easy, but I struggled to find any underlying sense of the city and its character. Maybe it is because of the fairly distinct zones of the city and the contrasts between them; maybe it is because there are so many tourists that I could not feel what it is like for the local people; maybe the real culture and feeling of the city is difficult to access. Hopefully, if I visit a few times more with locals I can begin to understand it.

stockholm_4Aside from wandering through the streets I visited Skansen, which is an open-air museum, and the Moderna Museet, a gallery with modern and contemporary art. They were both worth visiting and the Skansen was so interesting that it deserves its own seperate blog post! (Patience please)

So maybe later I will be able to get a clearer idea of this city and fill in the  gaps, but for now I will leave you with a dog driving a car…


What dogs do for fun in Stockholm

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