My Top 3 Talks from Campus Party 2013

Talk: Is it Possible to Photograph the Universe in a Nutshell? by Fabian Oefner

Swiss photographer Fabian Oefner creates amazing photographs by trying to answer scientific questions such as: ‘What does sound look like?’ and by using different scientific properties of materials in order to create something beautiful.

The image below is from his series of photographs using the magnetic liquid ferrofluid with watercolour added in; due to the magnetism and as the substances do not mix they create some very interesting patterns. Click the image below to go to his website and learn more.

Fabian Oeffner

CLICK ON PHOTO to Learn More and the Visit the Website.

 Talk: Engineering Artistry by Becky Stewart

This was funny for me as I did not realise immediately that I had met Becky and that the company was Codasign; I interviewed with them last year for an internship, but lost the place to an engineer, who would have been more useful than me! This small company do some amazing projects linking together art and engineering, which are not mutually exclusive as many people may believe. This was the main message from Becky’s talk: the arts and the sciences can be combined.

The kind of projects that the company are working on are the gloves which Imogen Heap, the musician, uses to control her vocal effects whilst on stage, the GPS shoes that guide you home using a series of LEDs and the Human Harp, a kind of musical instrument.

CLICK ON PHOTO for Original Image Source and Article about the GPS Shoes (

They also run many workshops for children and adults at their studio in London. Go learn how to be creative with technology!

Talk: The Cosmonaut – The Film that Shouldn’t Exist by Nicolás Alcalá

This was the best talk of all for me; it is an absolutely amazing project and it challenges the way that film industry works by persuing a completely new route to film-making. To put it simply: 3 young film-school graduates made their first ever feature film over 4 years using crowdfunding from over 4500 people and a team of 200.

45- Stas' dreams_800x450

CLICK PHOTO to go to The Cosmonaut Experience

They made the 90 minute industry-standard film, along with 32 short films that explore the characters and their lives in more detail, as well as providing a book to go with it all.  In total they got 140 hours of raw footage, which are all available online under a creative commons license so that they can be re-edited, re-mixed, re-used for any purpose as long as they are accredited to the cosomonaut experience.

I have yet to experience the world of The Cosmonaut but I will feedback when I have fully immersed myself within it. They still need support though, and funding, so that they can try to pay back all the people who worked on the project for free, so please go to their site, experience, contribute, and learn everything about the project that I haven’t told you here!

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