Back-Tracking: SEVILLA Sep-Dec 2012

Next stop: Sevilla en Andalusia! It is a beautiful little city with a lot of life and a very positive energy. I ended up here doing a Leonardo Da Vinci internship in media communications.

Bienvenido a Sevilla!


What I was doing

As stated above I was an intern on one of the EU funded programs that are currently available for graduates. We were a mixed group of creative from many different backgrounds and with different skills, but all with some kind of link to ‘media’ in general. We learnt a lot from each other and shared many experiences during our time there. Whilst all working for different companies around the city – I was working in post-production for a film company – we all were also working for The Virtual School who are based in London as part of Fusion International.

Please check them out and support the cause for providing free educational videos for people all around the world:

And below I will give you an example of one of our ‘engagement videos’ with which we were trying to gain publicity for the cause. This one I worked one with other members of our team and it was for Mole Day, which is annualy on the 23rd October.

Watch the video to learn what exactly Mole Day is about!

My Impressions

The first thing to say is how different this city was to anything I had ever experienced before in Europe. I cannot say exactly why, but it is something to do with the atmosphere of the place. Seville has been around for thousands of years and has not only been under Christian rule, but also Muslim rule (the Almohad Dynasty from Morocco) before being taken back by Christian Spain. The result of this is that there are some very different influences there to other parts of Spain, including the architecture, food and culture in general. The city is endlessly interesting as every time you go out to explore you find something completely new and unexpected. I will definitely be returning there some time in the future!

The Murillo Experience

If you want to learn more about the experience being a ‘Murillo’ on this internship programme then check out this video documented and edited by Sarah Bailey:

project murillo 1

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