Back-Tracking: AUSTRIA 2011-2012

My 30 seconds of Austria video – forgive the lack of footage, I was very lazy with my camera during that time!

content: nature near Klagenfurt, Fasching parade and Christmas Markets Graz  music: Clemens Hackmack

What I was doing

I was in Graz teaching English, but also had friends living in Vienna and so I spent my time between the both. I won’t go into the teaching situation but I will note that they had set up a system whereby they spied on the teachers within the company around the country. As far as I know this was only in the taxis when we travelled out to companies, but this made me very uneasy when I finally found out after 5 months of working there! I also happened to be reading George Orwell’s 1984 at the time, which didn’t help…

My impressions

What can I say about Austria? Very pretty, very safe, comfortable, secure; I mean this in terms of the general atmosphere of life there. People didn’t seem too worried about anything and as they have been more or less unaffected by the economic crisis it’s one less thing they need to worry about. The city of Graz felt more dynamic than Vienna, although in truth I didn’t get to know many sides of the capital. Graz is the student city and therefore has a much larger percentage of young people compared to Vienna and you can feel the difference.

Something strange

One of the strangest things I discovered in Austria is the car parks that park the cars themselves! I have no idea how it works, but from what I could see you drive the car into a car-lift and then leave it and then to goes somewhere underground and then later when you come to pick it up, it is also returned via a car-lift through some electronic system. As I only experienced it from walking past and never used it myself I cannot give a clearer idea of what I am talking about.

However, I have just discovered what it is – a Westfalia fully automated CAR-SAFE® car park. To learn more about it go to their press release from 2012 by following this link:

And look out because apparently these car-parks are spreading around the world as we speak!

A Trip to Heiligenblut

The most filming I did in Austria! I spent a few days with friends in the mountains in Corinthia in a place called Heiligenblut and here is the video I made.

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